Madden 24 coins -Suffers from Serious Bugs That Have Been Plaguing the Franchise for Years

Madden NFL 24 reportedly features some of the same bugs that plagued its Superstar and Franchise modes in previous entries. Fans have long criticized the franchise for not improving enough year to year. Now it appears that Madden NFL 24 even contains some of the same potentially game-breaking technical issues as previous iterations.

The latest entry in the historic video game franchise is no stranger to bugs or controversies. Madden NFL 24 was review bombed by players largely due to glitches and technical issues. It's not just fans either; critics have also been unreceptive to the latest entry in EA's football series. While a handful of minor bugs would be bad enough, a couple of the reported issues are potentially game-breaking.

As fans have pointed out across social media platforms, there are some serious bugs within both the Franchise and Superstar modes that were present in previous iterations of the Madden NFL series. Essentially, the Franchise mode bug affects incoming players from future draft classes. All the new players, regardless of size and position, look exactly the same. Some gamers have taken to editing their appearances manually within the game, but changes can be quite time-consuming and have even defaulted back to their generic looks after a while.

The bug affecting the Superstar mode makes it so teams trade away their players and receive nothing in return. Some of the team's best players are essentially given away. Since Superstar mode only focuses on a single player rather than the entire team, gamers are unable to control the actions of the front office and are potentially subject to head-scratching moves like this. These issues arguably aren't quite as bad as Madden NFL 23's corrupted save files bug, but they are both pretty egregious nonetheless.

Players have long suggested that perhaps Madden should skip a year in order to improve the overall experience and patch any plaguing issues. The annual series does sell well for EA, but the inconsistent launches have been met with criticism from fans and critics alike.

It's not just the Madden franchise that has had issues for EA either. FIFA 23 saw a whole slew of glitches despite being widely regarded as one of the entries in recent memory.

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